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Bread making machine raw materials

Product Name:Bread making machine raw materials

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Can set a different program.

A variety of purposes.
→ cold → cold fermentation conditions for the final fermentation of the database, which automatically converted in the specified time, to ensure good state of fermentation, the fermentation of raw materials in addition to bread outside the refrigerator and can also play a role in the fermentation room.
Bread and raw materials to achieve a good database environment.
The company's unique speed breeze circulation system so that bank balance of the environment, not the raw material deterioration, because the bank rate to keep the breeze, so the material will not dry the surface.

Just press the button to change the database settings
According to the different types of bread and raw materials of fermentation conditions (temperature, humidity), can be pre-entered data, at any time to change the bread and raw materials with different conditions consistent database.