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Marin Elevator

Product Name:Marin Elevator

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Out line
Through years experience supplying a large number of ships with marine type elevator, USHIO has developed our design which combine various requirements from classification societies, ship builder and ship owner.
USHIO elevator is comply with the requirements of major nationalities and classification societies such as JG, Greece, Liberia, British , ABS,LRS, NK, RINA etc.


Major feature
● Proven technology based on more than 600 vessels
● Inverter control is applied.
● World wide service net work
● Precise landing position
● Safety maintenance space
● Soft start and landing
● Less trunk space

Optional items
● loading capacity : 300竏鈀1000 kg
● Cage speed : 45 or 60 m/min
● Entrance door : Fire rating A0 or A60
● Hinge type or sliding type
● Cage material :Painted steel, decorated vinyl film or stainless steel
● Barrier free type is also applicable for passenger vessel.