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Dehumidifier(cago hold/nting work)

Product Name:Dehumidifier(cago hold/nting work)

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Are you in trouble regarding condensation in cargo hold ?


<Out line>
The rotor which is made from silica gel absorb moisture in the air that passes through the rotor.
The moisture in cargo tank is taken away by circulating through the dehumidifier.


<Major feature>
● The strong,high-rigidity dehumidifying rotor uses activated silica.It has excellent durability,and does not catch fire even if malfunction of the recycling equipment causes it to overheart.It also has outstanding resistance to chemical,particulary oxygen.
● Rotation of a single dehumidifying rotor provides repeated dehumidification/recycling cycles.
● Dehumidifying rotor has wide application temperature range,and is suitabale for variety of conditions.
● Simple structure and mechanism provides easy operation and maintenace.
● The excellent air-drying effect of the dehumidifying rotor is provided by the moisture absorbent that is sealed inside rotor.Humidifying capacity is semipermanent.