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Prefabricated Ref. Provision Chamber

Product Name:Prefabricated Ref. Provision Chamber

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● Assembling the heat insulation panels on board results in short work time comparing the conventional way.
● Installation on board are only cable wiring to electric source, to connect with cooling water pipe. It minimize the cost of the installation and working time.
● Lock fastener is used to combine panels each other, that make air tightness. It can be tighten inside so that no working space is required.
● Panel frame is of synthetic wood, it does not change in characteristic of heat transfer co-efficient at low-temperature.
● Flexible panel design is allowed with various panel combination.
● Outer surface plate is changeable as an option, polyvinyl chloride laminated steel, stainless steel and colored steel etc.
● Heat insulation panel is comply with the requirement of USPH.