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USHIO combined air conditioner

Product Name:USHIO combined air conditioner

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This device is a multi-purpose marine air-conditioning heat pump system development, one outdoor unit can drive up to 12 indoor unit, the compressor with the subject under the control of the converter, but also for the bottom line with operating performance.

For the indoor unit, the use of remote control can be automatically or manually select the temperature and air volume, can choose their preferred operating mode, the cold room can be set to 18 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius, heating can be set to 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, greenhouses when prevent cold air function. Refrigerant cooling maximum extension of 25 meters, so suitable for marine design.
Also designed the other in case of voltage drop can ensure operation of the device, before the exhaust air box is essential, it must consume a lot of energy, the more air is able to overcome these shortcomings combination ideal air-conditioning.
Before construction of the circuit and the height of the exhaust tube must be adjusted, and now the construction site to achieve no exhaust pipe operations, improve construction quality.