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Packaged Air Conditioners

Product Name:Packaged Air Conditioners

   Product details

Packaged type air conditioner is developed for comparatively small room such as wheel house, engine control room and switch board room etc. These are examined in factory and are ready for operation when connected to cooling water pipes and electric supply.


Special Features
● Compact and light weight
● Less noise and vibration
● Easy maintenance


Optional item
● Cooling medium:Fresh water or sea water
● Ventilation system :Plenum or ducting
● Heating medium :Electric,Steam,Hot water
● For galley type:Remote control,water proof starter

Functions of parts
● Compressor
  Compresses the low temperature and low pressure gaseous refrigerant which was evaporated through the evaporator to the pressure with which the refrigerant can be liquidized easily in the condenser.
● Condenser
  Liquidizes the high temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant discharged by the compressor with condenser water.
● Expansion valve
  Reduces pressure of the high temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant discharged by the condenser to the degree with which the liquid refrigerant can be vaporized easily through the evaporator.
● Evaporator
  Evaporates the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant which passes through the expansion valve, taking heat from the room air drawn in from the air suction grille.